January 27 – Battle of the Bulge, Vintage 2-Gun Match
February 17 – Icicle Match ( Pistal Steel)
March 9 – Defensive Shotgun Match
April 20 – Precision Practical Rimfire (PPR) Match
May 4 – Gun Match
May 18 – Youth Firearms Safety and Marksman Clinic
June 1 – Precision Practical Rimfire (PPR) Match
June 29 – CMP Match
July 13 – Precision Practical Rimfire (PPR) Match
July 27 – Pistol Steel Match
August 10 – 2-Gun Match
August 17 – Precision Practical Rimfire (PPR) Match
September 7 – CMP Match
September 21 – Precision Practical Rimfire (PPR) Match
October 5 – Youth .22 Match
October 12 – CMP Match
October 26 – Defensive Shotgun
November 16 – Pistol Steel Match

    • For more information on any match or training, email questions to: wfgmathces@gmail.com


The Waynesboro Fish and Game will hold a series of Vintage Military Rifle Matches and CMP Garand/Springfield/Vintage/Modern Military Matches throughout the year.

Vintage Military Rifles are considered to be any center fire cartridge firearm (black powder cartridge rifles are permitted) used by any military prior to 1965.  this includes single shot, bolt action and semi-automatic rifles.  Those wishing to shoot an AR-15 or commercial rifle may do so however, you will be competing out of competition and not eligible for awards.


Usually, two matches will be fired.  the competitor may use the same rifle or shoot a 2nd rifle if desired.  Match fees are $15.00 for the first match and additional $5.00 if you choose to shoot a second match.  Sign up will begin at 8:00 am the morning of the match.  A safety briefing and course of fire overview will begin at 8:45 am with firing commencing at 9:00 am.

NRA SR-1 targets will be used, and all firing will be at 100 yards.  Each match takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.  Empty chamber indicators (ECIs)/ chamber flags are required and will be available for loan or purchase at a cost of $1.00 each.  Ear and Eye protection are strongly encouraged.  All participants must supply their own ammunition.  Each match will require approximately 35 rounds.


Stage 1 – Slow fire prone:  A 20-minute block time consisting of a 10-minute preparation/unlimited sighting shot period and 10 minutes for 10 slow fire shots for record from the sling supported prone position.

Stage 2 – Slow fire sitting/kneeling: A 13-minute block time consisting of a 3-minute preparation period and 10 slow fire shots for record in 10 minutes from the sitting or kneeling position.

Stage 3 – Slow fire standing:  A 13-minute block time consisting of a 3-minute preparation period and 10 slow fire shots for record in 10 minutes from the standing/offhand position.

If you have questions regarding the Vintage Military Matches, please contact wfgcmpmatches@gmail.com.  You may also request to be added to the email list for notification of match information and updates.

PPR Matches (Practical Precision Rimfire) 

Previously NRL22

Waynesboro Fish & Game will be hosting PPR matches.  This is a precision rimfire shooting match based on the very popular long-range matches lie Precision Rifle Series and National rifle League.  PPR is a scaled down version designed for 22lr on shorter ranges simulating the center fire matches at long range.  Our matches could possibly go out to our 200-yard line, but we will mostly be shooting from barricades and positions at 25 to 100 yards.

Match will consist of 6, 2-minute stages very similar to NRL22 and PRS rimfire.  Plus, an optional 50/50.  Just lie we have done in the past.

All you will need for this match is a magazine fed scoped 22 rifle with a precise zero, 1 or 2 magazines holding 10 to 12 rounds total, 70 to 80 rounds of (accurate) 22lr ammo and eye & ear protection.  Some things that are nice to have but not necessary are bipod mounted to the rifle and a sandbag of some sort.

This format caters to the beginner and the expert marksman but as this is a shooting match, a requirement for the shooter is that you should have a good fundamental safe fun handling habits, know how to operate your rifle and follow and understand the basic rules of gun safety.

We will have 3 classes:

Tactical:  Will be target rifles weighing over 8 lbs. with target scopes unlimited magnification.

Hunter:  Will be stock rifles weighing under 8lbs. with scopes of 9x max magnification.

Youth:  Will be 16 and under, any rifle & scope.

Registration at 8am start shooting 9am

If you are interested and want to get on the mailing list for updates or have questions, email: wborofg.nrl22@gmail.com

Match fees will be $20 for members and $25 for non-members + a $10 50/50 that will be a one-shot challenge (similar to a turkey shoot)

Whether you’re a squirrel hunter or a competitive shooter few things are as much fun as plinking with a 22 and that’s what should make this match so much fun.




2 – Gun matches are dynamic events that focus on practical shooting skills, giving shooters an opportunity to employ and evaluate their firearms, gear and techniques in a field-oriented environment.

Most stages are fired on steel targets out to 200 yards but IPSC paper targets may be used for shorter ranges and timed movement is required between firing positions.  Most stages will generally require the use of both firearms and require the shooter to transition between them.  The match will typically consist of 3 stages with an average round count of approximately 50 round of rifle and about 50 rounds of pistol for the match.  We plan the round count this way to keep it affordable and you can normally shoot the match with 3 boxes of rifle ammo and 1 box of pistol ammo but it’s always smart to bring extra rounds to cover misses.  The scoring is recorded by straight time plus added time penalties for missed targets, failure to engage a target and hits on no-shoot targets.  Shooters may register in one of three divisions-Vintage Bolt, Vintage Semi or Open.  Vintage Divisions must use firearms that were fielded by any nation’s military prior to 1946.  Open Division is basically any firearm and any sight that’s not prohibited by range rules.  No binary or FRT type triggers will be permitted. Pistols must be actual handguns, not short barreled ARs or SMGs.

Positive handgun retention is critical as shooters must move and shoot from unusual positions so you must have an appropriate holster that will positively secure your pistol.  No inside the waistband or soft-sided concealed carry style holsters will be permitted due to the need to re-holster during some stages of fire.  There will be a quick gear inspection during registration to ensure everyone has safe and appropriate gear.  No green tip or other penetrator ammunition will be permitted as it damages the steel targets.  In keeping with our objective of field oriented practical shooting, we shoot rain or shine.  The only weather that will cause the match to be canceled or delayed is surface ice (winter 2-gun) or lightning.  We make every effort to accommodate any interested shooter but it does require a certain amount of physical exertion, solid knowledge of firearms safety and familiarity with your firearms.  Please make sure you’re safe and comfortable in that environment.

These are club matches and are not sanctioned by USPSA, IMGA or IDPA.

Pistol Steel Match

FORMAT:  The match will typically consist of five to six stages with five to six targets per stage.  Each stage will typically by shot from a single location per stage (possibility of one stage with a single transition), at a distance from 10-15 yards. Each competitor will typically have one or two passes per stage, dependent on target and round count.  We will strive to keep the round count to 50 rounds of pistol per match.  The scoring is recorded by straight time plus added time penalties for missed targets, failure to engage a target and hits on no-shoot targets.

SAFETY: We will be shooting from low ready or external holsters only.  Inside the waistband, soft-sided concealed carry style, or pocket holsters are not permitted due to safety concerns.  Safe handgun retention is critical with an appropriate holster that will positively secure your pistol.  There will be a quick gear inspection during registration to ensure everyone has safe and appropriate gear.  All firearms will be loaded and unloaded at the firing line, when instructed by the RSO.  Divisions include Open handguns, Duty semi-auto handguns, Rimfire handguns, and Revolvers.

Registration will open at 8:00 am, Safety Brief at 9:00 am, and start shooting immediately after; typically concluding by 12:00 pm.

these are club matches and are not sanctioned by SCSA, USPSA, IMGA or IDPA.

Youth 22 Match

This is an annual event which provided an opportunity for young shooters to participate in formal competition in a fun and safe environment.  It’s an entry level event meant to develop the skill of younger shooters but it is a competition and NOT an instructional format so all shooters must be familiar with how to operate their rifle and the basics of firearms safety.

Registration is open to any shooter age 15 and under.  Shooters will register in one of five divisions – 6/7, 8/9, 10/11, 12/13 and 14/15 year-olds.  6/7 and 8/9 year-olds compete from 25 yards, all other divisions will compete from 50 yards.  All divisions will fire 10 rounds for score.  There are no sighter shots so shooters should establish a good zero on their rifle prior to match.  All shooting will be done from the benches without artificial support – ie; no rests, bags or bipods.  Shooters may use any sporting rifle chambered for .22LR.  No target or match rifles are permitted.  Scopes and optical sights are permitted with a maximum magnification of 9 power.  Match ammunition will be provided by the club and will be used by all shooters.

Prizes are awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place shooters in each division.

This match is normally held on the first Saturday of October and like all club matches is open to non-members as well as members.