Vintage Military Rifle Shoot

Vintage Military Rifles are considered to be ANY center fire cartridge firearm (Black Powder Cartridge Rifles are Permitted) and used by any military prior to 1965. This includes all Single Shot, Bolt Action, and Semi Automatic Firearms. If you wish to shoot an AR-15 in any Normal Vintage match you may, except you will not be eligible for any awards.


Sign up for the shoots will begin at 8am the day of the shoot with a safety briefing and course of fire overview beginning promptly at 9am. The sight in period will begin at 9:15am and the match will start at 9:30am. Chamber flags are required for all firearms being used in any match and will be available for purchase the day of the shoots for $2 each or 3 for $5 if you do not have your own. All participants must supply their own ammunition for each shoot.

The standard matches consist of a 15 minute sight in period for both rifles and two separate 30 round courses of fire. The first course of fire will be the themed rifle course, however, if you do not have a themed rifle, you can still shoot and compete for a match score with any rifle. This is because it is understood that not everyone has every type of rifle and we do not wish to exclude anyone, as these matches are all about having fun. The second course of fire is open to any and all vintage military rifles. If you plan on shooting a full match, you will need at least 60 rounds of ammunition for the match plus a few extras for sighters. The shooting positions for each of the 10 shot relays in the 30 round course of fire are as follows and are all slow fire – 10 Prone, 10 Sitting, and 10 Off Hand Standing. There will be a time limit of 10 minutes per relay.

The long course of fire matches will feature only one rifle but will be a 50 shot match plus the additional sighter rounds. The shooting positions for the five 10 shot relays are as follows – 10 Slow Fire Prone, 10 Rapid Fire Prone, 10 Slow Fire Sitting, 10 Rapid Fire Sitting, and 10 Slow Fire Off Hand. The time limit for the slow fire relays will be 10 minutes, and will be only 80 seconds for the rapid fire relays.

The AR matches will feature the long course of fire and two divisions. The two divisions will include an Iron sight class and an optics class limited to 4 power magnification optics. The targets shot in the AR match will be shot at 100 yards using NRA range simulation targets starting with the 200 yard simulation and advancing to a 600 yard simulation target. These specialty targets simulate the size of the bulls eye at the greater distances. All calibers of AR style rifles are welcome to compete along with match and custom rifles.

The Fun Steel themed shoots are held twice a year and feature a moving course of fire. These matches have multiple stations that the shooters move to and shoot from. The course of fire for these matches includes both rifle and pistol use. All targets used is these shoots are AR500 steel and are placed in random positions at varying distances and will shot in varying orders from each station. The match consists of five rifle stations with 10 shots fired from each, and one multi target pistol station with five shots fired at each of the four plates. Each individual shooter will be required to bring 50 rounds of rifle and 20 rounds of pistol ammunition. Match sign up will begin at 8am & the course of fire walk though and safety briefing will begin promptly at 9am, followed by the match start at 9:30am.

If you have any questions regarding the shoots, please feel free to contact You can also sign up for the email list where you will be notified of any match changes and be able to receive the match scoring results.