We are pleased to announce that we will be holding another Coach Bingo event on Sunday October 9th. Tickets are on sale now and seating is limited to 150 players so don’t wait to long to get your tickets !!!


This page has not been updated  with the new format and higher payouts yet. Please check back soon and thank you for your patience.

Bingo every Saturday night (public welcome). Doors open at 4:30 pm and Bingo begins at 6:30 pm. Watch our calendar of event for special bingo dates as well.

Up to 85              Players                 $50.00
86 to 100             Players                 $60.00
101 to 115           Players                 $70.00
116 to 130           Players                 $80.00
131 to 145           Players                 $90.00

Bingo Bonanza                  Black – Out

Starburst 20 Way Bingo
1) Starburst Blue Border
2) Starburst Orange Border
3) Starburst Green Border
4) Starburst Yellow Border
5) Quickie #1 Solid Blue

Regular Bingo can be won, up & down, across, diagonal, postage stamp in any corner, inside & outside corners, big & little diamond.

6) Regular Bingo Blue border
Pig #______________
7) Regular Bingo Orange Border
8) Regular Bingo Green Border
9) Regular Bingo Yellow Border
10) Regular Bingo Pink Border

11) Special Game Blue & White Border
Caller’s choice Pays $20 over Reg. Games

12) Special Game Orange & White Border
Caller’s choice Pays $20 over Reg. Games

13) Jackpot Game Straight Bingo or Out-
Side Corners only
6 numbers or less Multiple Winners split $1500
Single winner $1000 / Second Winner $500
7 numbers of more pays $100

14) Regular Bingo Gray Border
15) Regular Bingo Olive Border
16) Regular Bingo Brown Border
17) Regular Bingo Red Border
18) Regular Bingo Lavender Border

19) Quickie # 2 Solid Orange

20) Quickie # 3 Solid green

21) 8 – Ball Special Purple

22) Regular Bingo Blue Border
23) Regular Bingo Orange Border
24) Regular Bingo Green Border

25) Regular Bingo Yellow Border
26) Regular Bingo Pink Border

27) Mini Jackpot Green & White Border
Straight Bingo or 4 outside corners
Game pays $200

28) Special Game Yellow & White Border
Caller’s choice Pays $20 over Reg. Games

29) Regular Bingo Gray Border
30) Regular Bingo Olive Border
31) Regular Bingo Brown Border
32) Regular Bingo Red Border
33) Regular Bingo Lavender Border

34) Quickie # 4 Solid Yellow

35) Last Game
Caller’s choice WINNER TAKE ALL

Thank you
Come Back Again

Regular Games can be won with Straight Bingo, Diagonal, Outside 4 corners, Inside 4 corners, Big diamond, Little diamond, Postage stamp in any corner.

Bingo Bonanza
Is our first game of the night. It is a cover all game. Caller pulls 48 numbers. Buy your card for $1.00. Mark your card using the 48 numbers. If you do not feel you can win with that card, you can turn that card in with another $1.00 and pick two new cards to get a better chance to win. Payout depends on amount of numbers called. (Pays from $100 to $500)

4 cover all games. Numbers are called as fast as the caller can call them. Payouts depend of number of cards sold.

Jackpot Game
Straight Bingo or the 4 outside corners to win. 6 numbers or less, multiple winners split $1500.00. Single winners wins $1000.00 / keep playing for a second winner for $500.00. After 6 numbers game pays $100.

8 – Ball Special
Game is played on a 9 card sheet. Winning combination is 4 outside corners & Little diamond. A win on outside cards pays $70. Inside card payout starts at $100 and increases $20 every week until someone wins.

Mini Jackpot Game
Straight Bingo or 4 outside corners. Game pays $200

 Last Game
Game is caller’s choice. Payout depends on number of cards sold. (Winner Take All)

 The Pig #
We have a growing jackpot called the pig. This jackpot starts at $100 and increases $1 for every player that attends. (Minus $20 for Super Pig). The pig number is the first number drawn for the first regular game of the night. The pig is available to win on regular games only. Pig is won when someone wins bingo on the number after the pig number. Pig will freeze at $1000 and a second pig will start building.

The Super Pig #
The super pig number is the same as regular pig number. The super pig starts at $100 and increases $20 a week. ($20 from Regular Pig). The super pig becomes available after the regular pig is one for that night only. The super pig will freeze at $1000.

Waynesboro Fish & Game Bingo

Paper Prices

Regular Card Packs include 24 games (20 Regular Games and 4 Special Games)

3 Card Pack                        $5.00
6 Card Pack                        $9.00
9 Card Pack                        $13.00
12 Card Pack                      $15.00
15 Card Pack                      $16.00
18 Card Pack                      $18.00
21 Card Pack                      $19.00
24 Card Pack                      $20.00
27 Card Pack                      $21.00
30 Card Pack                      $22.00

Other Special Games

Bonanza Bingo $1.00 a card

4 Early Bird Starburst Games $1.00 for a 3 Card Pack or $2.50 for 12 Card Pack

4 Games of Quickies $4.00 for 4 Game Pack

8 – Ball Special $2.00 a sheet

Jackpot Game $1.00 for 4 card sheet or $5.00 for 25 card pack

Last Game Winner Take All $1.00 for 4 card sheet or $5.00 for 25 card pack